Friday, July 31, 2009

Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available for August 3-8, 2009

Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at . Check out the schedule below.

August 3, 2009
Monday Morning (Track 1) Catching Arctic Grayling along the Wasatch Front—Mike Slater, DWR
Monday Afternoon (Track 2) High Mountain Lakes in American Fork Canyon—Mike Slater, DWR

August 4, 2009
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Fly Fishing Lake Hardy and Upper Bells Canyon—Mike Slater, DWR
Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Catch a Special Thrill for Special Needs Youth—George Sommer, Utah Bass Federation

August 5, 2009
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Pesky Pelicans sneaking Snacks at the Lee Kay Center—George Sommer, Utah Bass Federation
Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Improving Deer Herds for the Archery Hunts—Anis Aoude, DWR

August 6, 2009
Thursday Morning (Track 7) Archery Hunters select Regions for Early Season—Anis Aoude, DWR
Thursday Afternoon (Track 8 ) Archery Reminders—Anis Aoude, DWR

August 7, 2009
Friday Morning (Track 9) Elk Hunting Opportunities still Available—Anis Aoude, DWR
Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Skin Cancer Epidemic in Utah—Dr. Robert Andtbacka, Huntsman Cancer Institute

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