Friday, July 17, 2009

Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available for July 20-24

Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at . Check out the schedule below.

Drivetime Lineup of Topics on Backcountry Utah

July 20, 2009
Monday Morning (Track 1) Celebrate the 75th year Anniversary of Ogden Pioneer Days—Desiree Larsen
Monday Afternoon (Track 2) Rodeo Fun as part of Ogden Pioneer Days—Desiree Larsen

July 21, 2009
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Meet the Whoopee Girls—Desiree Larsen, Ogden Pioneer Days
Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Big Boat Savings in 2009—Casey Robertson, Robertson’s Marine

July 22, 2009
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Invest in a new Boat—Casey Robertson, Robertson’s Marine
Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Discover Boating this Summer — Casey Robertson, Robertson’s Marine

July 23, 2009
Thursday Morning (Track 7) Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer—Dr. Sancy Leachman, Huntsman Cancer Institute
Thursday Afternoon (Track 8 ) Common Sun Safety Myths—Dr. Sancy Leachman, Huntsman Cancer Institute

July 24, 2009
Friday Morning (Track 9) Rafting the Provo River—Neil Jarman, High Country Rafting
Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Summer Fire Safety --Guy Perkins, Camp Chef

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