Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Salt Lake City -- As colder weather approaches, Utah State Parks Assistant Boating Program Manager Chris Haller reminds boaters how to prepare for and what do if caught in foul weather.

· Wear your lifejacket

· Keep a sharp lookout for other vessels and floating debris

· If there is fog, sound your horn or whistle

· If your vessel has more than one fuel tank, switch to a full fuel tank

· Head for the nearest shore that is safe to approach

· Head into waves at a 45 degree angle

· Close all hatches and windows to reduce the chance of swamping

· Reduce speed, but keep enough power to maintain headway and steering

· Secure loose items

· If engine stops, drop the anchor from the bow

· Carry appropriate warm clothing

Weather can change very rapidly and create unexpected situations for vessel operators. Boaters should always watch for changes in the weather and monitor the weather forecast. As always, make sure you inform a close friend and/or relative of where you are boating and your expected time of return.

For more boating information, or to take a boating course, visit or call 538-BOAT. Wear it UTAH!

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