Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OHV Riders reminded to stay on Trails during Hunts

Salt Lake City -- As hunters venture out this fall, Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Specialist Ann Evans offers the following tips to reduce OHV impacts, protect big game and habitat, and improve hunting and recreation experiences.

- Know vehicle use regulations for your hunting area. Contact the local land management agency for OHV travel regulations and information before the hunt.

- Stay on roads and trails designated for OHV use. Do not contribute to resource damage, stress to big game, or habitat destruction by creating illegal travel paths, which others may follow.

- Have respect for other users. Slow down or stop the OHV when approaching others on the trail. When meeting equestrians, approach slowly, pull over and stop, turn off the engine, remove your helmet and ask how best to proceed.

- Limit OHV use in and around campgrounds. Be respectful of other campers’ desires for quiet.

For more information on OHV safety tips and education, please call 800-OHV-RIDE or visit

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