Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pheasant Preparation Tips from Camp Chef

Utah's Pheasant Opener begins on Saturday and when prepared properly, nothing beats it this time of year at the table.

Guy Perkins with Camp Chef provides the following tips to prepare a tasty meal.

Pheasant from the Field to the Table
By Guy Perkins, Camp Chef

The first thing you need to do to get a pheasant dinner is well...purchase some pheasant. We prefer to "purchase" them the old fashion way with a gun. (One cocky teenager chose to use his bow and yes he got from the air, kids)

The base is and cast iron are the key to this recipe. After that the seasoning is to your flavor.  I was surprised with the luck I had with the Log Cabin Grub seasoning.

After you clean and cut up your pheasant prepare a flour dredge with your seasoning blended in.

Cover the pheasant with the dredge

I like the solid Crisco vegetable oil and use about a cup of it in a 14 inch dutch oven to brown the pheasant pieces. The 14 inch dutch oven gives me a bit more surface to do more at one time. In this case I was using three pheasants. After all the pieces are brown I load the oven back up with the pheasant and then add a cup of diced onions spread on top. I cover the oven and put it on low low heat. I used the Dutch Oven Cover and in an hour it was fall from the bone time.

I unloaded the Pheasant and place it on a tray in the home oven to stay warm while I made flour gravy from the drippings in the oven. That also helped with oven clean up.

Mashed potatoes, garden peas, bakin powder biscuits topped it all of on the side...and then of course the family.

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