Thursday, November 26, 2009

Big changes await hunters that apply for a Turkey Hunting Permit

Thanksgiving isn’t the only reason wild turkey hunters in Utah will be thinking about turkey over the next few weeks. The chance to apply for a permit to hunt turkeys next spring starts Dec. 10.

And some big changes await Utah’s turkey hunters in 2010—two new hunts have been added.

Limited-entry hunt

The first hunt—the limited-entry hunt—runs April 10 - 29. This is the hunt you can apply for starting Dec. 10.

There will be a big difference in the limited-entry hunt this spring—it will be held on a regional basis instead of on smaller, specific areas. The following number of permits will be available:

Region------------Number of permits
Northern--------- 400
Central -----------500
Northeastern----- 250
Southeastern -----250
Southern--------- 1,100

“This first hunt should be less crowded than the hunt in May because only 2,500 permits will be offered for it,” says Dave Olsen, upland game coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources. “There’s another difference, too—if you draw a permit for the April hunt, you won’t be limited to hunting one specific area like you have been in the past. Instead, you can hunt an entire region.”

Applications for the limited-entry hunt must be received at  no later than 11 p.m. on Dec. 28.

Two new hunts

If you don’t draw a limited-entry permit, don’t pack you gun away—you can still hunt turkeys this spring. Two new statewide hunts—a youth hunt and a general hunt—will be held.

And don’t worry about losing your wild turkey bonus points, either. If you buy a permit for the youth hunt or the general hunt, you’ll still be able to keep all of your bonus points!

Hunters who buy a general season statewide permit and are 15 years of age and younger can participate in the first of the two statewide hunts—the youth hunt—which runs April 30 – May 2.

The number of permits available for the youth hunt are unlimited in number. And young hunters can obtain the permits over the counter. Youth hunters can hunt anywhere in Utah that’s open to turkey hunting.

Youngsters who buy a permit for the youth hunt can also use the permit to hunt during Utah’s final hunt—the general statewide hunt.

The general statewide turkey hunt runs May 3 – 31. An unlimited number of permits will be available for the hunt.

Permits over-the-counter

Permits for the youth hunt and the general hunt will be available at and from DWR offices and hunting and fishing license agents across Utah starting Feb. 16.

Even though three hunts will be held, you can obtain only one permit. You must hunt during the hunt you obtain a permit for.

Also, if you buy a general permit, you won’t lose any wild turkey bonus points that you’ve earned.

2010 Turkey Guidebook

More information about Utah’s 2010 turkey hunting season is available in the 2010 Utah Turkey Guidebook. The guidebook is available at  and from DWR offices and hunting and fishing license agents across Utah.

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