Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Central and Southeastern Utah Fishing Report

A tiger trout pulled through the ice at Scofield Reservoir.
Photo by Darek Elverud

Southeastern Region

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (February 24) A party of Division biologists fished Joes Valley Reservoir over President's Day weekend. They fished in 20 to 90 feet of water, south of the dam beneath the rocky cliffs, and caught fish at all depths. They used jigs or spoons tipped with chub meat.

Two anglers brought along their portable sonar units and had particularly good luck, catching about 30 fish each. Most were splake in the 11- to 16-inch range, with a few 17-inch fish and one 18-inch tiger trout.

Fishing is fastest from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and again from 2:30 p.m. until 4 p.m.; although the bite is fairly consistent all day. Biologist Dan Keller recommends trying a chartreuse 1/8-ounce Road Runner jig tipped with chub meat. He suspended a silver attractor above the jighead, which seemed to draw in more fish.

Joes Valley Reservoir has special regulations. Please read the Utah Fishing Guidebook for more information.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (February 24) Conservation Officer Ben Riley checked anglers over the Feb. 20–21 weekend. He reports good fishing at multiple locations across the reservoir. Ben recommended using white jigs tipped with chub meat.

Sergeant J. Shirley and his officers checked anglers over the holiday weekend and reported very good fishing across the entire reservoir. Anglers had success with a variety of different baits, including nightcrawlers, wax worms, jigs and PowerBait.

Shirley mentioned that a number of anglers did not comply with the special regulations. He cautions anglers to make sure they can identify the species of fish they catch and to become familiar with the regulations. Please read the Utah Fishing Guidebook for all of the details about Scofield Reservoir's special regulations.

Central Region

BURRASTON PONDS: (February 24) Anglers report slow to fair fishing. There are few anglers on the pond. You can open water fishing. Most anglers are using traditional baits and lures.

CANYON VIEW PARK POND: (February 24) Wait until spring to fish here.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR: (February 24) Anglers report fair to good success this week, but the edges of the ice can get soft. Bring a plank to get on and off the ice, and make sure you check the ice thickness carefully. Try small, bait-tipped jigs for perch or bait-tipped traditional baits or jigs for trout. Please use caution.

GRANTSVILLE RESERVOIR: (February 24) Fish from shore only. The ice is not safe. Officer Troy Hammond reports that the reservoir has about 50 yards of open water around the perimeter. A few old-timers have caught nice browns but, of course, they won't say how.

HIGHLAND GLEN PARK: (February 24) There is open water and slow success.

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR: (February 24) Some anglers are braving the ice and having some success for perch and trout. However, there is a lot of open water on the reservoir and the edges can be weak. It's probably best to wait until ice off.

KIDNEY POND: (February 24) There is open water and slow success.

MIDAS POND: (February 24) There is open water and slow success.

MILL HOLLOW RESERVOIR: (February 24) According to the media, Highway 35 may be closed or unplowed this year. If you can access the reservoir, use caution and check the ice carefully. There are no new reports this week.

NINE MILE RESERVOIR: (February 24) Anglers report good success through the ice. Try using white jigs tipped with nightcrawlers or jig woolly bugger flies. The fish are usually good sized, 14 inches and up. Ice is about a foot thick.

PAYSON LAKE: (February 19) The canyon gate is closed for the season.

PROVO RIVER, LOWER: (February 24) Anglers report success with small (size 20 or smaller) midge imitations. Sow bugs should also be effective this time of year.

PROVO RIVER, MIDDLE: (February 24) Midges (size 20 or smaller), sow bugs and small, dark nymphs are working well. There are special regulations on much of the Provo River, so please read the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

SALEM POND: (February 24) Officer Shawn Bagley reports fair success with traditional baits.

SETTLEMENT CANYON RESERVOIR: (February 24) Officer Troy Hammond reports that the reservoir is 2/3 clear of ice. The remaining ice is not safe. Hammond estimates that the ice will be gone by next week, if not sooner. One angler, who caught two nice fish, said fishing is slow but the weather is perfect.

SPANISH OAKS RESERVOIR: (February 19) The gate to the reservoir is closed until March.

SPRING LAKE: (February 24) Officer Shawn Bagley reports that the ice is unsafe. Anglers report some success for trout in the open water.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR: (February 24) There is less slush this week and, according to angler Chuck, more than 20 inches of ice. There are still pockets of slush, however, so it's best not to take an ATV and to wear tall, waterproof boots. Several parking areas have been plowed, but you can't drive a vehicle past the Strawberry Marina turnoff. Bait tipped jigs are working well. If you're having slow success, try moving locations. There are special regulations for Strawberry, so please read the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

THISTLE CREEK: (February 24) Both Diamond Fork River and Thistle Creek rivers look great, but we have only seen one active angler. Expect fair success with flies or worms. There is still some snow along these waters, but there are several parking areas available. Bait is allowed on both waters but most anglers prefer flies.

TIBBLE FORK RESERVOIR: (February 24) Stay off the ice. The brown trout spawn is over and fishing success has slowed.

UTAH LAKE: (February 24) Anglers are reporting open water in some areas, so please stay off the ice. The water level limits Spanish Fork River fishing near the mouth. Officer Shawn Bagley wants to remind you that the tributaries close on March 1.

VERNON RESERVOIR: (February 24) Officer Troy Hammond reports that the reservoir is still iced over, but ice depth is uncertain. It could still be substantial enough to fish, but use extreme caution if you decide to venture out.

VIVIAN PARK POND: (February 24) Stay off the remaining ice. There are a few fish in the open water.

WILLOW POND: (February 24) Officer Roach reports that the pond was stocked last week. Anglers can expect fair fishing. The other Salt Lake County ponds are open and fishable, except Riverton pond which is closed until April 1. The Jordan River is running very high and is not fishable.

YUBA RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (February 24) The edges are weak in warm weather. You should never go out on the ice alone. Visit for current conditions.

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