Monday, May 24, 2010

Central Utah Fishing Report

BURRASTON PONDS: (May 21) Stocked every week with trout. Most anglers are using traditional baits and lures. Fishing success is considered good.

CANYON VIEW PARK POND: (May 21) Officer Shawn Bagley reports good success by anglers. Open water and stocked weekly with trout.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR: (May 21) Just pulled gillnets. The results included a lot of trout and walleye. A luncher large mouth bass was pulled yesterday. One brown trout had 13 small perch in its belly! Many anglers report very good success from shoreline or boat for trout. Water level is high. Walleye success is still slow to fair.

DIAMOND FORK RIVER: (May 21) Water is running a little high and murky but anglers are reporting good success with shiny spinners or worms.

GRANTSVILLE RESERVOIR: (May 21) Stocked. Fair to good success by using traditional baits and lures.

HIGHLAND GLEN PARK: (May 21) Two fish limit. Stocked every week with trout.

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR: (May 21) Open water. Fishing success is considered good by using all methods from boat, tube or shoreline.

KIDNEY POND: (May 21) Two fish limit. Stocked weekly with trout.

MIDAS POND: (May 21) Two fish limit. Stocked weekly with trout.

MILL HOLLOW RESERVOIR: (May 21) Highway 35 is down to a single lane but you can only drive about a mile up the Mill Hollow turn off. Can't access the lake yet.

NINE MILE RESERVOIR: (May 21) Angler Alexander reports fishing has been slow in the evenings. There seems to be some good success coming from float tube and boat anglers casting at the shore. Most success some from fish ranging from 13 to 17 inches. Fish chase spinners and kastmaster-type lures.

PALISADE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (May 21) Angler Alexander reports fair fishing in specific areas. The bite is best at first light in the morning and an hour or so before sunset in the evening. Fish are hitting spinners near the shallows and power bait and marshmallows in the deeper water. Some carp have been spotted moving near the dam.

PAYSON LAKE: (May 21) Road is not plowed to Payson Lake. Officer Shawn Bagley reports that Maple Lake is accessible but road to Payson lakes are not open. Road is usually plowed and open for Memorial Day.

PROVO RIVER, LOWER: (May 21) Tributaries west of I-15 opened up on May 1, 2010. Good success with small (size-20 or smaller) midge imitations above I-15 and up to Deer Creek Dam. Sow bugs are a good pattern as well.

PROVO RIVER, MIDDLE: (May 21) Midges (size-20 or smaller), sow bugs and small, dark-colored nymphs also work well. Special regulations on much of the Provo River. Please read proclamation.

SALEM POND: (May 21) Two fish limit. Stocked every week. Traditional baits and lures are working well.

SETTLEMENT CANYON RESERVOIR: (May 21) Good fishing reported for recently stocked trout. Use traditional baits and lures.

SPANISH OAKS RESERVOIR: (May 21) Two fish limit. Stocked weekly with trout. Regional Aquatics Manager Mike Slater reports his family doing very well by using worms or wooly bugger fly patterns. Officer Bagley reports other anglers are having good success with baits and lures.

SPRING LAKE: (May 21) Stocked on weekly basis with trout.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR: (May 21) Strawberry Project leader Alan Ward reports that Strawberry is now ice-free. Access is good. Lots of floating ice so use caution if using float tubes or boats. Try a white tube jib or various other baits and lures until you find the right one. Move around and try different lures and baits if success is not good. Main regulations state limit four trout or kokanee salmon in the aggregate, no more than two may be cutthroat trout under 15 inches and no more than one may be a cutthroat trout over 22 inches. All cutthroat trout from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released. Trout or salmon may not be filleted and the heads or tails may not be removed in the field or in transit.

TIBBLE FORK RESERVOIR: (May 21) Open water. Fair success by using traditional baits and lures.

UTAH LAKE: (May 21) Many species of fish are being caught right now, especially white bass and catfish. Walleye success is considered slow to fair.

VERNON RESERVOIR: (May 21) Stocked. Success is considered good with traditional baits and lures.

VIVIAN PARK POND: (May 21) Two fish limit. Fair fishing success. Stocked.

WILLOW POND: (May 21) Two fish limit. Angler Alexander reports "I managed to make it to Willow Park Pond this weekend. Fishing pressure was high but everyone seemed to be catching at a steady pace. Fish were biting on yellow powerbait and lures. I tried my luck at some catfish and managed to haul in an 8-pound 19-inch catfish caught with dip bait. These holdovers are quite big and will fight hard."

YUBA RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (May 21) Open water. Success is slow to fair but northern pike and walleye success should begin to pick up any time now. Cast in the shallow water for the northern pike (5–10 feet).

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