Monday, May 24, 2010

Utah State Parks offers Life Jacket Loaner Program

Salt Lake City – The Utah State Parks Boating Program, in partnership with the BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water, offer a Kids Life Jacket Loaner program providing infant, child and youth-sized life jackets at no cost. Life jackets are available at Bear Lake and Utah Lake state parks and may be borrowed for the day or weekend.

Since the program began 13 years ago, loaner life jackets have saved the lives of at least three children. With more than 500 loaner sites around the country, it is estimated BoatUS Foundation life jackets are loaned more than 90,000 times a year.

Utah law requires children 12 years of age and younger to wear a properly sized and Coast Guard approved life jacket while they are on a boat. National statistics indicate that nearly 80 percent of people who drowned in boating accidents would have survived if they had worn life jackets. A boating accident can happen at any time. It is a good, safe boating practice to always wear your life jacket.

To learn how to fit a life jacket to a child, please visit  . For information on boating in Utah, contact Utah State Parks at  or call (801) 538-BOAT.

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