Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Southeastern Fishing Report

ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (June 04) Sergeant J. Shirley reported good fishing at both Blanding #3 and #4. Bait anglers who used marshmallows, PowerBait and nightcrawlers were doing especially well. The best lure was a silver Jakes lure. Fishing has also been good at Dry Wash Reservoir, especially with silver or gold Jakes lures. Sergeant Shirley said that fishing at Recapture Reservoir was good for bass, pike and catfish. For the best results, fish for pike and bass from a boat or other craft. Cast toward the shoreline into shallow water and then reel back out into deeper water. Any type of bait will catch catfish at the reservoir.

CLEVELAND RESERVOIR: (June 04) The reservoir is almost ice-free. Fishing has been better in the creek than in the reservoir. Flies or lures are more effective than bait.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (June 04) This past weekend, Sergeant Stacey Jones reported excellent shoreline fishing near the dam with nightcrawlers. Aquatics Technician Bob Olson reported that the access road leading to the boat ramp was muddy and deeply rutted.

GRASSY LAKE: (June 04) Snowdrifts are still blocking access to the lake.

HUNTINGTON CREEK: (May 20) On May 10, Tom Ogden flyfished below the forks with a floating line and a size 10 beadhead Montana. He had a split shot about a foot above the fly. Tom caught one cutthroat and several 6- to 13-inch browns. Flyfishing with nymphs should be good until the creek is muddied by runoff.

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (June 04) DWR biologists gillnetted the reservoir last week to sample the fish population. They found a wide range of bass sizes and age classes, with bass ranging from 10 inches to 4.5 pounds. One 9.5-pound channel cat was caught in a net. A few large trout turned up in the nets, including two that weighed three pounds. Although you can see bass cruising along the face of the dam, it's difficult to catch them. On May 13, the DWR stocked the reservoir with 350,000 wiper fry. Hopefully some of them will survive and grow to adult size. The limit at the reservoir is six bass. Only one bass may be over 12 inches.

HUNTINGTON RESERVOIR: (June 04) The ice is melting rapidly, and there's plenty of room to cast from the bank. Good fishing is expected as the ice continues to recede.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (June 04) On May 30, Desert Lake Superintendent Roy Marchant fished from the shoreline with his daughter. They fished for three hours, using minnows, and caught six splake in the 14- to 17-inch range. Aquatics Technician Randall Stilson reported that a Salt Lake City angler caught an 8.5-pound splake while trolling with a bass plug last weekend. Stilson said fishing was good for 14- to 16-inch splake and tiger trout. Chub meat is recommended.

On May 23, DWR Lead Maintenance Specialist Duane Swasey caught a 31-inch splake on a black-and-silver Cotton Cordell Walley Diver. It weighed nearly 11 pounds. Swasey caught 14 other splake and used chub meat to catch one tiger trout in the 14- to 16-inch range.

On May 21, Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator Dan Keller fished the reservoir with several friends. They had the most success with Berkley white and gray Gulps, a minnow imitator. The Gulps outfished chub meat, Rapalas and everything else they used. As a group, they caught eight to 10 fish per hour. The fish ranged from 14 to 17 inches.

The limit at Joes Valley Reservoir is four trout. Only one may be over 18 inches.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (June 04) Conservation Officer T.J. Robertson provided the following report:
Dons Lake: Fishing has been good with bright-colored baits and all types of lures. Good choices include Jakes lures, small spoons and Roostertails.

Hidden Lake: Fishing has been excellent, regardless of the bait. The best lures have been small spoons, Jakes spinners and Roostertails.

Kens Lake: Bass fishing is improving as water temperatures rise. Typical bass lures, such as doubletail divers, are effective. Trout fishing has been fair to good. For the best results, fish in the early morning or evening. Recommended baits include PowerBait, nightcrawlers and salmon eggs. The best spinner is a Jakes lure.

Oowah Reservoir: The access road is now open. Holdover trout have been hitting small lures and flies. Stocking should occur by the end of the week.

Rattlesnake Ranch: Fishing has been good with all types of baits. The property surrounding the lake is privately owned. Please keep vehicles on established roads and pack out all garbage.

Warner Lake: The gate is open, but fishing has been slow. Stocking should occur by the end of the week.

MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (June 04) Aquatics Technician Randall Stilson reported slow fishing over the weekend.

PETES HOLE: (June 04) The reservoir is now accessible. There haven't been any recent reports from anglers.

POTTERS PONDS: (June 04) The road remains inaccessible.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (June 04) Two weeks ago, Roger Kerstetter and two companions caught 539 trout in five days. They fished the south end in six to 12 feet of water and trolled with the wind. The party fished each day from 7:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. Trout ranged from 14 to 21 inches. The best lures were silver or gold Kastmasters, Krocodiles or other spoons. Weather conditions were windy and rainy. Kerstetter said the secret of his success was fishing at this time of year, after ice-off, when the water temperature is in the 50s and the trout are in shallow water.

Scofield has special regulations. The limit is a combined total of four trout. No more than two may be cutthroat or tiger trout under 15 inches, and no more than one may be a cutthroat or tiger trout over 22 inches. All cutthroat and tiger trout from 15–22 inches must be immediately released. Trout may not be filleted and the heads or tails removed in the field or in transit. Any trout with cutthroat markings is considered to be a cutthroat.

WRIGLEY SPRINGS RESERVOIR: (June 04) The reservoir may have experienced. No one is catching fish right now.

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