Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Utah State Parks Safe Boating Tip of the Week

Salt Lake City -- Remember these three basic navigation rules to be safe on the water: proper lookout, safe speed, and safe distance. These three key principles will help you avoid a collision with another vessel, a person in the water, or potential water hazard.

The boat operator is required to keep a proper lookout, by sight and hearing, at all times while on the water. Boaters must be aware of where they are going and pay attention to the actions of other boaters. Make sure to look for other boats before making any turns.

Boats should be operated at safe speeds at all times in order to react to potentially hazardous situations. In some situations, the best speed may be wakeless speed. Never operate a boat faster than you feel comfortable or that your skills will allow.

Operate boats at safe distances to have adequate time and distance to react to prevailing circumstances. Utah's Speed and Proximity Law requires boaters to operate their vessel at a wakeless speed when they are within 150 feet of another boat, a person in the water or who is being towed by another boat, shore anglers, launch ramps and docks, designated swimming areas, or whenever in a wakeless speed zone.

For additional boating information go to or (801) 538-BOAT. Wear it Utah!

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