Friday, August 27, 2010

Two New Otter Populations Possible under Utah's new Management Plan

Photo by Ron Stewart, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Salt Lake City -- River otters might pop up in areas you’ve never seen them before. A plan that will guide how river otters are managed in Utah through 2020 was approved by the Utah Wildlife Board on Aug. 19. Among the plan’s highlights:

Utah could have two new otter populations by the time the plan is revised in 2020. The Weber River in northern Utah and Straight Canyon near Joe’s Valley Reservoir in south-central Utah are the spots the plan identifies as the best places to put otters in Utah in the future.

If otter populations reach a point where trapping can be allowed, a new trapping opportunity might be available to trappers in Utah.

The plan provides direction in dealing with otters that get into private fish farms and hatcheries. “I think river otters have a bright future in Utah,” says Justin Dolling, game mammals coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources.

The plan that’s currently available at  is the old management plan.

The new plan should be available at the same address ( ) by the week of Aug. 30.

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