Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Share your ideas about the Otter Plan

A proposed plan that would guide how river otters are managed in Utah is now available and you can review it online.for review. The plan will guide how river otters are managed for the next 10 years.

Places to put river otters is one of the areas the new plan focuses on. Straight Canyon near Joes Valley Reservoir and the Weber River are two areas the former plan identified as possible sites.

"Under the new plan, we'd reevaluate those sites," says Justin Dolling, game mammals coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources. "We'd also take a look at additional sites that might be good places to put otters."

Share your ideas
After you've reviewed the plan at www.wildlife.utah.gov/public_meetings , you can let your Regional Advisory Council members know your thoughts by attending your upcoming RAC meeting or by sending an e-mail to them.

RAC chairmen will share the input they receive with members of the Utah Wildlife Board. The board will meet in Salt Lake City on Aug. 19, 2010 to approve the new otter plan.

You can also provide your comments to your RAC via e-mail. E-mail addresses for your RAC members are available at wildlife.utah.gov/public_meetings.

The group each RAC member represents (sportsman, non-consumptive, etc.) is listed under each person's e-mail address. You should direct your e-mail to the people on the RAC who represent your interest.

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