Friday, September 24, 2010

September 27, 2010 - October 1, 2010 Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available

Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at  . Check out the schedule below or find a station near you that airs Backcountry Utah.


September 27, 2010
 Monday Morning (Track 1) Radios for Emergency Communication-- Stuart Barber, Midland Radio

Monday Afternoon (Track 2) FRS and GMRS Radio Bands-- Stuart Barber, Midland Radio

September 28, 2010
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Pick a Radio with multiple Power Sources-- Stuart Barber, Midland Radio

Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Revealing the Base Camp Radio—Stuart Barber, Midland Radio

September 29, 2010
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Light My Fire Swedish Fire Steel-- Steve Llorente—Industrial Revolution

Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Basic Fire Building Principles-- SteveLlorente-- Insustrial Revolution

September 30, 2010
Thursday Morning (Track 7) Swedish Fire Steel 2.0 now Available-- SteveLlorente-- Industrial Revolution

Thursday Afternoon (Track 8) See Artisan Cheesemaking on UEN-- Lisa Cohne, Utah Education Network

October 1, 2010
 Friday Morning (Track 9) Fall Colors at their Peak during the Hunts-- Guy Perkins, Camp Chef

 Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Maintaining Quality Game for the Table – Guy Perkins, Camp Chef

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