Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fishing Help Needed January 25 at Yuba Reservoir

The DWR has selected the 25th of Jan. to try and collect the remaining 37 fish (perch or pike) from Yuba necessary to complete the disease certification process. After testing, if these fish prove to be disease free we will be allowed to collect Northern Pike eggs later this spring to aid in the statewide Tiger Muskie Program. As you can see below (fishing info from Jeff Rasmussen Yuba Park Manager) fishing may be a little difficult but I figure if we can get enough people on the ice, especially many of you who really know how to fish, we should be able to catch the fish we need.

We will plan on arriving at the Painted Rocks boat ramp (east side of Yuba south of Levan) at 8:30 am on Tuesday Jan. 25th. Please come and go as you would like. I will have a cooler there to collect any fish caught to meet our quota. I will provide drinks, hot choc. and snacks for anyone who comes to help. I recommend people bring whatever fishing equipment you feel is needed (primarily fishing for perch). We will have a power auger provide by the Strawberry biologists for anyone to use but again feel free to bring whatever you would like. We will plan on fishing until 2-3pm or until we collect enough fish whichever comes first but again feel free to come and stay as long as you would like.

Again, we would love to have as many participate as possible so please pass this email/information on to any of your contacts or people you think might have an interest in this fun outing, we would love the help! Please contact me if you have any questions and it would help me get an idea of how many people will be coming. Thanks in advance for you help with the DWR Tiger Muskie Program! Look forward to seeing you on the ice:)

The ice thickness currently sits at 5-7 inches. There have been very few people out fishing. I talked to a guy this morning at Painted Rocks who caught four good sized Perch in 4 hours. Another group yesterday caught 1 perch near Oasis Campground in about 4 hours. There have been a few who have been skunked. If you are going to do it I think the sooner the better. Its usually best the first few weeks we have ice.

Mike Slater
Regional Aquatic Program Manager
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
1115 N. Main
Springville, UT 84663

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