Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bear Lake Fishing Report ahead of the Cisco Run

Photo Courtesy Phil Douglass

Bear Lake Fishing Report Thursday, January 14, 2010:

OK, fellows, next update won't likely be until Jan 18th.

Bear Lake still has no safe ice for ice fishing, however, the area along Cisco Beach froze over last night. However, there is still a lot of open water on the lake. Boaters have been shore-launching their boat along the southwest corner of the lake.

Anglers reported taking limits of cisco off the rockpile area using jigging spoons and castmasters. An underwater camera revealed the fish are thick and are now spawning over the rockpile area. There was a lot of floating ice which made for challenging conditions.

Although deicers are running at the State Park marina they have not been able to keep up and the marina is now frozen.

Anglers also reported good fishing for cutthroat, whitefish and lake trout in 30-50’ of water of the weedbeds south of Gus Rich Point using tube jigs tipped with cisco. No cisco have been sighted along the shorelines as of this morning, but could begin running any day.

Beginning next Monday we will be making daily checks for Cisco and updating the DWR answering machine report.

PLEASE ONLY CALL AFTER 5:00pm. 435-946-8501

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