Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utah's Central Region Fishing Forecast

Photo Courtesy Big Fish Tackle

BURRASTON PONDS: (January 14) Most anglers report fair success with traditional baits and lures.

CANYON VIEW PARK POND: (January 14) Wait until spring to fish here.

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR: (January 14) I saw a few ice anglers this afternoon (Jan. 14 at 4 p.m.), but I also saw water along the edges in some areas. The ice was thin in other locations, so please use caution if you venture out. Ice anglers have reported fair success when using jigs tipped with a worm or wax worm. PowerBait is popular as well. Anglers have caught only an occasional perch. Most of their fish have been 12- to 15-inch rainbow trout.

GRANTSVILLE RESERVOIR: (January 14) The most recent report indicated about five inches of ice, but ice can change quickly. Anglers have had fair success with bait-tipped jigs, PowerBait and worms.

HIGHLAND GLEN PARK: (January 14) There were no reports from anglers this week. Stay off any ice.

JORDANELLE RESERVOIR: (January 14) Anglers report about seven to eight inches of ice on the Rock Cliff arm and thin ice near the Hailstone area. Please check ice thickness carefully before venturing out. Fishing is slow to fair.

KIDNEY POND: (January 14) The pond is closed until spring.

MIDAS POND: (January 14) The pond is closed until spring.

MILL HOLLOW RESERVOIR: (January 14) Hwy. 35 may be closed or unplowed this year, according to media reports. If you can access the reservoir, please use caution and check the ice. There were no reports from anglers this week.

PAYSON LAKE: (January 14) The gate to the canyon is closed for the season.

PROVO RIVER, LOWER: (January 14) Midge imitations are still working. Sow bugs should also be effective this time of year.

PROVO RIVER, MIDDLE: (January 14) Midges, sow bugs and small, dark nymphs are working well. There are special regulations on much of the Provo River — please read the Utah Fishing Guidebook.

SALEM POND: (January 14) Anglers report fair success with traditional baits.

SETTLEMENT CANYON RESERVOIR: (January 14) One angler reports six to seven inches of ice and good success by jigging. Please check the ice before venturing out — conditions can change quickly.

SPANISH OAKS RESERVOIR: (January 14) The gate to the reservoir is closed for the season.

SPRING LAKE: (January 14) Officer Bagley saw some ice anglers at the lake last week, but we haven't received any recent reports. Please send a report if decide to fish at the lake. Be very careful if you're venturing onto the ice.

STRAWBERRY RESERVOIR: (January 14) Anglers Alan and Justin report good fishing success this morning (Jan. 14) and no real problems with the ice. (However, always check the ice before venturing out.) Bait-tipped jigs work well. If fishing is slow, try a new spot. The main regulations for Strawberry are as follows: The limit is four trout or kokanee salmon in the aggregate. No more than two may be cutthroat trout under 15 inches, and no more than one may be a cutthroat trout over 22 inches. All cutthroat trout from 15 to 22 inches must be immediately released. Trout or salmon may not be filleted, and the heads or tails may not be removed in the field or in transit. Go to to see photos and illustrations of the fish at Strawberry. These will help you identify the different fish species.

TIBBLE FORK RESERVOIR: (January 14) Stay off the ice. The brown trout spawn has ended, and fishing success has slowed.

UTAH LAKE: (January 14) Anglers report slow to fair success over the last few days. There are some open water patches, especially close to the shoreline. Please use caution — someone fell through the ice last week. Small action lures tipped with bait are the most effective way to fish for white bass.

VERNON RESERVOIR: (January 14) Anglers are ice fishing and report about seven to eight inches of ice. The road to the reservoir is snowy and slippery.

VIVIAN PARK POND: (January 14) Stay off the ice on this small pond. There weren't any reports from anglers this week.

WILLOW POND: (January 14) There weren't any reports from anglers this week. Officer Roach recently reported that most of the urban ponds have ice on them after the recent cold spell. Willow and Millrace had some open water, but he didn't see anyone fishing. Be cautious and don't venture onto the ice.

YUBA RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (January 14) Most anglers report slow success, but some are catching decent numbers of perch. Location is important. Although the reservoir is frozen, ice conditions fluctuate. Use caution when venturing onto the ice and drill several test holes along the way to verify thickness. Never go onto the ice alone. Visit and find updated current conditions for the park you want to visit.

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