Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Announcing the PentaxForums Million-Post Giveaway

In celebration of our upcoming 1,000,000-post milestone on the forums, we are hosting a giveaway of two Pentax K-x cameras as well as a third-place 17-70mm/4 lens through a small competition that will take place right here on the forum. 

We are also proud to note that merely a year has past since our half-million-post mark- thanks go to all the members who have made our community so strong over the past year!!

The winners of the competition will be the two three members who show the most forum activity (measured in posts) between tomorrow (April 8th 00:00:01 EDT) and the end of the week during which the millionth post is made.

At time of this posting the actual number of posts is

To enter in the competition, please post a message as a reply to this this post. Once the millionth post is made and the week ends, we will tally all posts and announce the winners. Please note: posts over at are also counted. However, posts made in News/Suggestions, General Talk, Politics, or the Marketplace do not count, nor do one-word replies or substance-less single-line posts just made to 'pad your postcount'. Users simply posting meaningless posts will be noted and disqualified.

We hope that through this event, we will reach this special milestone much faster than otherwise at our normal average rate of 1,250 total daily posts! At that rate, the expected date would be April 30th. If we manage to push it back by a week, we may even offer a third fourth prize We also hope that as a result of this event, we'll have some very happy new K-x users! (Update) Pentax is now providing the second K-x along with the kit lens as well, so third place will also win a 17-70mm lens prize from us!

The K-x kit will be shipped to the winner directly from Pentax USA, as this event is officially sponsored by Pentax USA. (Update) Likewise for the second body; the lens prize will be shipped to you by us. Note for international winners: you will have to cover the actual shipping costs.

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