Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Utah Water Named 'World's Best'

BEAVER, Utah (AP) — It's sweet and has a perfect PH balance — water from southern Utah's Tushar mountain range. The spring water was judged the world's best for bottlers in a prestigious contest.

The Tushar water beat out 43 global competitors in a February contest sponsored by a Berkeley Springs, W. Va., resort, The Country Inn.

General Manager Trent Graves of Tushar Mountain Bottling Inc. says the water tastes so good because it gets filtered through miles of volcanic rock before surfacing in a series of 15 springs, which also supply Beaver's municipal water.

His company bottles the water for some 50 private labels.

One of those labels, Roscommon, Mich.-based Ecoviva, grabbed the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting award.

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