Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boating Safety Tip of the Week

Salt Lake City – Safe boating includes making sure your boat and equipment are in top condition and safe to operate on Utah’s waters.

Boating managers encourage boat owners to seek professional help from a reputable marine dealer or repair shop for all repairs. Inspect the following items before heading out for the season:

- Change oil and oil filter
- Check spark plugs and plug wires
- Check fuel filters
- Replace hoses and clamps as needed
- Check fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel level; replace primer bulb if cracked
- Ensure engine oil, power steering, and power trim levels are full
- Remove obstructions from the water intake
- Verify operation of bilge pump
- Check and change coolant, store extra onboard
- Test belts for tension and condition
- Check transmission fluid level
- Clean backfire flame arrestor

- Inflate tires to proper pressure, replace low tread or cracked sidewalls
- Repair rollers and pads as needed
- Inspect brakes
- Repack bearings and hubs
- Clean and lubricate tongue jack and winch
- Inspect brake lights and turn signals

For more information on boating safety, please visit stateparks.utah.gov or call (801) 538-BOAT (2268). Wear it Utah!

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